Wedding Preparation


As you prepare to seek God's Blessing on your future life together, we want to assure you of our support and our prayers; and we would like to offer you two practical ways of preparing for your married life:


WorshipWe should like to assure you of a particularly warm welcome at our Sunday Worship. Our main Sunday service is at 11.00 am at St Mary’s where you will have the opportunity to become part of the Christian family and learn more about the Love of God.


Space to Think – To help you prepare fully for your marriage and your life together we shall hold a preparation day for you to attend.





Are you prepared for the Marriage Promise?



Marriage Preparation Day


The Marriage Preparation Day, called 'Space to Think', is usually held towards the end of January or early February and all couples whose wedding falls within that coming year are invited and are expected to attend where possible. Couples who are marrying at a number of local parish churches (St. Martin's, Bowness-on-Windermere, St James', Staveley, St Anne's, Ings, St Cuthbert, Kentmere, Jesus Church, Troutbeck and St. Mary's, Windermere) all attend and so make for a busy and fun-packed day.


The day itself offers a number of talks on matters concerning a healthy marriage, and the wedding service preparation, plus some group discussion and working as a couple and finally, but importantly, a good lunch and time to relax with the other couples.


Also, as a couple, you receive and get to take away a Marriage Preparation Pack that contains innumerable pieces of information and other helpful advice to relieve the pressures of planning your wedding. This pack has been built up and refined over a number of years to offer the very best practical advice.


Your Wedding Interview


The clergy and congregations of our churches want to make your wedding day a very happy and meaningful start to your new life. Some thinking before our meeting will help us to make best use of our time.


Your Marriage Preparation Pack will offer you some guidance but here is a list of most of the areas we will be covering and the things you will need to think about:


Making Best Use of the Wedding Interview


  • For the reading of Banns you will need to know the name of the Anglican Parish where each of you reside (your local Parish Church).
  • If you are applying for a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate please ensure that you have been in contact with the Registrar and that you know what they expect of you.
  • The date, time and church for your wedding will be finalised.
  • We shall confirm your personal details to be written in the Marriage Registers.
  • Full details concerning fees will be discussed.
  • Hymns will be chosen (usually three) and any special music to be used during the ceremony.
  • Are bells required?
  • Has the best man been chosen?
  • How many bridesmaids and/or pageboys will there be?
  • Will one ring or two rings be used?
  • Do you wish to provide all your own flowers and then leave them in church or accept the flowers already in church?
  • Please discuss with your photographer specific details of photographs to be taken. We do not encourage photographs during the ceremony but the photographer will be invited to record the signing of the Registers.
  • Do you plan to video the ceremony? A completed permission form and fee are required.
  • Two adults will be needed to sign the Registers as official witnesses.
  • Are you planning to print an Order of Service?
  • What part of the bible would you like reading at your wedding?
  • We need to establish a date for a rehearsal in church close to the day of your wedding (but only you and the Minister need to be present).


There will no doubt be other details you wish to clarify, so do not be afraid to add them to the list.


The more thinking you do together before our meeting, the more time we will be able to give to the meaning of the ceremony and the new life you are beginning.

Find up-to-the-minute information including 'Walk through the wedding service' tool, which shows couples what happens in a Church of England wedding, step by step.







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