Wedding Pack


Those couples celebrating their wedding at St. Mary's, Windermere, will receive as part of the welcome and support, a Wedding Pack. The Wedding pack is supplied by the Church of England to support couples in their desire to get married and to encourage them to think of a church wedding as not just and option - but the best option!


Your Church Wedding

The Wedding Pack contains a number of items and nuggets of information that are meant to make the process of arriving at that special day as easy, and less stressful, as possible. Most of the information available in the pack is also available on the Your Church Wedding website.



     Your Wedding

Your Wedding


The Your Wedding leaflet is the introduction in the Wedding Pack and includes all the essential information about how to get underway with booking and planning your church wedding at St. Mary's.


The leaflet includes the information covered in the Wedding Booking webpage, for example:


  • How we can arrange the legalities of getting married here.
  • How we can help to you to choose music and readings.
  • How we can help with the arrangements of flowers, photographer...
  • Advice on including family and friends.



        Special Day, Special Place

Special Day, Special Place


This leaflet explains what is unique about a church wedding, including:


  • A church wedding will add a spiritual dimension to your marriage.
  • You can make amazing vows, or promises, in a church.
  • Church buildings offer outstanding beauty.
  • You can be involved in making choices about your ceremony.
  • For some people, a church simply seems like the proper place to get married.



        Seven Steps to a Heavenly Wedding

Seven Steps to a Heavenly Wedding


This leaflet is a step by step guide to the process couples can expect:


  1. Find a church - we hope you pick St. Mary's!
  2. Call the Vicar - get in touch with the vicar.
  3. Space to think - there will be an invite to join with other couples on a day to think about the wedding ceremony and marriage itself, a very enjoyable time for all.
  4. Banns or Residency Period - the Banns are announced or the Registrar in Kendal will ask you to commit to a short stay in the area.
  5. Rehearsal - just before the big day a chance to go through the service, not to learn the steps but to remove any worry of what is to come.
  6. The Big Day - Your church wedding day.
  7. First Anniversary and beyond - Your married life together continues.



      Marriage is Good for You

Marriage is Good for You


This leaflet outlines why marriage is God’s plan for couples, including that marriage...


  • ...boosts happiness.
  • ...helps to keep you together.
  • good for your health and extends your life.
  • ...protects you legally and financially.
  • ...provides more and better sex.
  • good for society as a whole.
  • good for children.




Building a Happy Marriage


Getting to Know You

Building a Happy Marriage


The Wedding Pack also includes two leaflets - Building a Happy Marriage, and Getting to Know You.


The Building a Happy Marriage leaflet is designed to help couples as they approach their wedding, and after the wedding, to think about communication issues. We can easily take these for granted but the leaflet offers some timeless advice - some you may know and already practice, some may be new to you.


The Getting to Know You leaflet is a long series of questions. The idea is not to answer all of them in one session, but to sit down in the evening with a bottle of wine (or similar) and to discuss one or two questions. For example:


Before the wedding...


  • This is how I feel about talking to your parents...
  • What was the nicest thing I did for you this week...?
  • When you hold my hand in public I feel...
  • Who will handle our money?

After the wedding...


  • How do I feel when the house is a mess?
  • How do I feel when your/my job separates us overnight?



      Hymns and Readings

Hymns and Readings for Your Church Wedding


This leaflet highlights that you have the option to choose your hymns, music and readings.


The Your Church Wedding website itself provides a much greater selection of hymns, music and readings - and you can listen online! Plus the choices for vows, prayers and poems.


In particular, there is the online Ceremony Planner that that is an interactive, step-by-step guide to putting together your wedding service.


Please note, at St. Mary's a template of the Wedding Service is available and in the vast majority of weddings it is easier to begin with this template. Please do speak to the vicar about it.




      Table of Fees

The Cost of Church Weddings


The Wedding Pack includes a table of fees that makes it very clear what the wedding costs are - nothing hidden!


There are certain statutory fees that the church has to charge but even then, in extreme cases, a conversation can be had with the vicar depending upon the couple's financial situation - we don't want cost to get in the way of you having a church wedding.


Other fees for the organist, bells, choir, florists and many more are chargeable but optional.





      Spend Less, Enjoy More

For those couples on a tight budget, or those who want to watch the pennies, the Wedding Pack also includes the Spend Less, Enjoy More leaflet.


The leaflet provides a number of ideas from other wedding couples about how to cut-down the spending and covers the reception, the rings, the honeymoon, photography and the dress.











Wedding Day Welcome


Have you thought about creating a warm welcome for all your guests as they arrive before the service?


We have comfortable side rooms available, from which we can serve light refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits) or champagne and canapés to your guests.


This gives family and friends a chance to meet up beforehand, and is a fantastic way to start your special day.





      Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect


This leaflet is designed to offer tips and help couples with the photography at their wedding, including:


  • Choosing your photographer carefully. St. Mary's has a great deal of experience with working with photographers and the Appletwaite Centre has a list of recommended photographers to help match you up with someone suited to you and your needs.
  • Dropping by with your photographer to discuss what you want and to check out the venue. We are always on hand to help advise.
  • This is the Lake District and it sometimes rains! The beautiful interior of St. Mary's makes a perfect backdrop for photographs if the weather does not allow outside shots.
  • The day can zoom past before you realise, mingling is good but if you stay close together more, then it allows for natural shots and romantic moments to be caught on camera.
  • Smile and relax, you will enjoy the day more and it will make for better photographic memories.



      Having a Civil Wedding?

Marrying Abroad or Civil Wedding at Home?


Whether you have a civil service abroad or at home, this leaflet is intended to reassure couples that they can seek a blessing of their civil marriage at St. Mary's afterwards.


The service can be personalised, with music, readings and prayers, and you can ask for your rings to be blessed as well. Please do speak to the vicar.

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