Church families are defined by the quality of their relationships, and like any family there can be ups and downs! The worship, teaching and service sides to discipleship are of utmost importance for our personal and corporate journey with Jesus - but so is also our fellowship, how we rub along together. The capacity to be gracious and generous in spirit to each other is not a given and we must all work at it, but how can we do this unless we know each other and spend time with each other? That is where the social side to discipleship comes in.


St. Mary's has a dedicated Social Team and team co-ordinator who look after the social life of the St. Mary's church family and encourage its members to come along and get involved.


Past social activities have included...


Youth Concert, Bridge Tea, Strawberry Tea, Organ RecitalPancake Party, Garden Party, Church BarbecueHarvest Supper, Holy Land Pilgrimage PresentationThe Big Brew Up, Last Night of the Proms, Christmas Dinner, Epiphany Supper, Inter-Church Quiz, The Windermere Passion, , Diamond Jubilee Celebration, Encore Opera Group Concert and more...



Future social events are advertised in the calendar.












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