The St. Mary's church family is very well-equipped in terms of resources available for communication and learning. The Applethwaite Centre, though separate to St. Mary's, provides excellent, modern onsite facilities to hold group meetings, classes, conferences and events. The St. Mary's Parish Office oversees the publication of a weekly sheet - The Word - detailing the upcoming events for that week; and a Parish Magazine that informs and entertains both the church family and wider community. St. Mary's also has a set of published policies covering such issues as Child Protection, Baptism and Giving.


As part of this communication, and materials for learning, St. Mary's offers online materials for the church family and wider community - do please view/listen to/read these at your leisure!





The Carlisle Diocese's vision and strategy is focussed on the need for the churches to turn their attention to discipleship, to re-discovering the making of disciples. The vision is 'to see our churches growing Disciples of all ages'. These resources are to help us in our thinking as to what it means to be a disciple...



First the Carlisle diocese's own vision and strategy




Discipleship requires that we trust Jesus. The question is just how much...




What really is our foundation, what do we depend upon?




The Duty of a Disciple




The Cost of Discipleship




Discipleship is, liberate, lead and launch




What is the Church?




What is written on your heart?









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