Little Pips



Little Pips - Who are we?



Little Pips is a baby and toddler group open to all children and their carers, who meet every Tuesday during term-time in the South Aisle of the church, between 10am and 11.30am. The Pips range from just 2 weeks old to pre-school age and we have every stage of "waddler" and "toddler" in between!



Little Pips - What do we do?



On their arrival, children and their carers receive a warm welcome and each child has their own name card to hang on the board. The children are free to play with a wide range of toys or to get involved in art and craft activities, while the grown-ups can take a breath and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, a well-earned biscuit and chat with the other carers and our Little Pips team.



Snack time is next and the children enjoy fruit and biscuits sitting around the table, before we move into the church to join together in songs, stories and prayers. Some of our songs are well-known to all ("If you’re happy and you know it" and "Wind the bobbin up") and others have become seasoned favourites with our members, especially "The Hello Song" and "God's Love is Like a Circle". There are instruments to shake, rattle and hit, and actions too, so everyone can join in, whatever their age or musical ability! The songs and stories often reflect a theme, which links to the craft activities the children have done earlier in the morning. Recent themes have included colours and the weather. We also celebrate birthdays and baptism anniversaries, as well as sharing news of important milestones such as first teeth, first steps and new siblings.



Little Pips - Join us!


If you would like to come along to Little Pips, you are most welcome to join us at any of our sessions 

If you would like more information, please contact Chris Whittaker 015394 42434




Little Pips Prayers


Jesus the light,

Who shows me the way,

Please guide me safely

Through this new day.


I love them and they love me,

Thank you God for my family.

When we’re sad and need your care,

Thank you God that you are there.


Little Pips Songs


The Hello Song

Clap your hands everyone together,

Stamp your feet,

Turn aound,

Reach up high,

Bend down low,

It’s good to see you, hello,

We’re friends of Jesus, hello!


God’s Love is like a circle (to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon)

God’s Love is like a circle,

A circle big and round

And when I see a circle,

No ending can be found.

It’s like the love of Jesus

Forever flowing free.

And when I see a circle,

I know that God loves me!


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