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Every church family has a need to serve the church family and the wider community. This service can take the form of one or more ministries offered by the church family. This is good for the church family, the community but also for the one doing the service. The ministry should benefit the served and the server, and for the latter allowing faith to grow.


At St. Mary's we offer a number of ministries that church family members can get involved in. Some of these ministries are briefly mentioned below.







Prayer is an important ministry for a church family, especially as it seeks God's vision for the local church, but also for the building up of personal faith. St. Mary's offers a number of opportunities for learning about prayer, developing prayer and finally, but importantly, actually praying!




Children and Young People  

Children and Young People


St. Mary's building on its excellent contacts with the local schools continues to offer opportunities for church family members to share their faith with children and young people and just as importantly to serve them and help them in their development.





Home Communion


The St. Mary's church family gives the opportunity to share in the parish communion by offering communion for those who find it difficult to get to the Sunday services in the form of Home Communion. St. Mary's volunteers also offer monthly communions to the residential homes in the Windermere parish.




Social Team  



The social life of a church family may not be the first ministry that comes to mind but it is one of the most important. The social life of a church family often defines the quality of relationships within that family. St. Mary's has a number of activities - Mothers' Union, Friendship Lunches, Coffee Mornings- as well as a Social Team who co-ordinate other one-off events and social actvities.





Mothers' Union


St. Mary's has a thriving Mothers' Union whose members are involved in a number of Mothers' Union activities as well as contributing to support work with children and young families in the parish.







Owing to the popularity of the South Lakes, St. Mary's has an important ministry to those couples who wish to get married in our area. St. Mary's works hard to make the journey towards marriage as easy as possible, while ensuring that couples are ready for their future married life together.


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