Applethwaite Centre

The Applethwaite Centre is run from, but is separate to, the St. Mary's Parish Office. The Centre offers a number of high quality rooms and facilities for the use of business, the community and church organisations. The Centre offers modern comfortable surroundings, excellent audio-visual facilities and catering.


For those happy couples wishing to celebrate their wedding in the beautiful surroundings of the Lake District, the Centre can also offer a complete package covering the many arrangements and complexities of organising a wedding.



About Us

The Applethwaite Centre was established in 2008 with the purpose of being a commercially run service to provide conference and event facilities to the business world, to the community and to charitable organisations.


The Centre has since 2008 provided a location and rooms for a number of events, and countless meetings and classes; as a consequnce it has a wealth of experience in running large all-day events, down to organising small gatherings for an hour or two. The Centre has also accommodated a range of clientele with a focus on the commercial side, while at the same time ensuring community and charitable groups are provided for.


In 2011, a new Centre Manager, Carol Burrage was appointed and the Centre is now expanding to offer a full range of rooms and facilities (details of which are available in our Rooms and Facilities Guide).




The Centre is located just outside of Windermere Town, in the heart of the beautiful Lake District National Park. The Centre's location on the A591 main road connects directly from the M6 motorway, and makes the Centre both very accessible and easy to navigate to. Alternatively, there is a railway and coach station in Windermere just over 1/4 mile away. If you are having difficulties locating us then you can find us here.



Car Parking

There is ample car parking available to the front of the Centre, and in the road immediately to the side. There is an on site car park at the back of the church.  Access from the St. Mary's Park side road.




The Applethwaite Centre is more than happy to accommodate you where possible. Please do take a look at our bookings calendar.

Bookings Calendar

To view the available rooms for a particular day click on the Current Bookings link for that day. A pop-up window displaying the Day Booking Form should then appear.


The rooms available at the Applethwaite Centre are laid out in the Day Booking Form window in a tabulated format in half hour time slots - where they are green the room is available at that time, where they are red the room is already booked for that time slot.

Day Booking Form

When you have found a suitable room(s) and time slot(s) that you are happy with then please do contact us. Alternatively, you can ring us or email us straightaway and we will do our best to provide you with the rooms and facilities you need.


If you are having difficulty with finding an available room or booking a particular room or time, then please do contact us, we may be able to re-arrange previous bookings.


View our bookings calendar



Rooms and Facilities

The Applethwaite Centre recognises that different customers can have vastly different needs. We are therefore very proud to be able to provide a range of rooms and their complementary facilities. From the size and comfort of our Main Room able to accommodate up to 150 attendees to our smaller, more private meeting rooms; or our en-suite kitchen facilities to our catering provision. The Centre provides a range of rooms, packages and costings to suit your needs and budget.



Wireless internet connections are available throughout the building. The wireless password can be obtained from the Applethwaite Centre Office.




The Applethwaite Centre rooms include:



Main Room



The Main Room can seat up to 150 people, is well-lit with excellent acoustics, making it an excellent venue for conferences, concerts and similar events.

Harrison Room




The Harrison Room can seat up to 30 people, has built-in audio-visual facilities and an en-suite kitchen.


Addison Room


  The Addison Room can seat up to 20 people, and is suitable as a smaller seminar or meeting venue.


Upper Room


  The Upper Room can seat up to 25 people, has presentation, audio-visual refreshment facilities.



For more detailed information regarding the rooms available at the Applethwaite Centre please download our Room and Facilities Guide.




      Radio Microphones

The Applethwaite Centre has an extensive range of facilities to support each of its rooms. For the Main Room and auditorium there are a number of handheld and lapel radio microphones and microphone stands available.



Short-Throw Projector      

There is a building sound system with CD and other digital media facilities to support prsentations or offer background music and sound. The sound from the sound system can be controlled throughout the building, with side rooms able to listen into the presentation or concert in the auditorium. This can naturally also be turned off.


For all the meeting rooms projectors are available including the latest in wireless digital short-throw technology. No longer does the projector have to reside in the middle of the room or meeting table to provide a viewable picture.


      Plasma TV

The Harrison Room provides built-in facilities for audio-visual but screens are also available for all the other rooms.


The Upper Room comes with the latest in High Definition television displays with a 51" Plasma TV available for use. The Plasma TV is able to support a host of external media, though a VCR, DVD and laptop are available to use with it.



Several flipcharts are available for presentations and meetings, with the flipcharts also acting as whiteboards. Stationery is naturally available with pens and other office essentials on hand. There are also photocopying and printing facilities on-site.

      Nobo Pro Panel Display Boards


All the rooms available are very flexible in their furnishings and can easily be re-arranged for demonstrations, displays and other alternative uses. There are plenty of extra table and chairs for seminars or classes.


In addition, the Applethwaite Centre has some Nobo Pro Panel display boards that can be used for displays or as a backdrop for a presentation.



Refreshments on always on-hand for delegates, visitors or other users. The Harrison Room has an en-suite kitchen, though the kitchen can also accommodate the Main Room and the Addison Room. The Upper room has its own refreshment facilities.


For the full range of the catering options and facilities on offer, please download our Room and Facilities Guide.






Wireless internet connections are available throughout the building. Please ask at the Applethwaite Centre Office for the wireless password.





For further information please contact the Parish Office

Tel: 015394 44596 email:




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